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Frequently Asked Questions




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  • We do NOT have any hidden charges. Mileage, Basic insurance, toll charges, long carries, stairs, disassembles, reassembles, and all applicable taxes are included into the hourly rate. Fuel may be charges on long distance moves.
  • Packing labor is included in the hourly rate.
  • NO Overtime Charge
  • The only thing that is NOT included is packing materials.
  • WE DO NOT HIRE ONE DAY/ TEMP. WORKERS! Our crews are experienced and professionals!
  • Payment Policy: We ACCEPT cash (IF YOU PAY WITH CASH YOU GET A 5% DISCOUNT) and most credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Discover. ; NO Checks ON LONG DISTANCE MOVES
  • NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!!! Simply pay at end of your move.
  • VALUATION: THE SHIPMENT IS COVERED AT $0.60 PER POUND PER ARTICLE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. For persons having a high value items additional insurance is recommended, please purchase additional insurance from any of the following companies: LakeLand Insurance, Baker International or Boulder Moving LLC is not responsible for damage to hardwood floors or wall damage and all appliances must be disconnected by customer If movers are asked to help with disconnection on day of move we are not liable for water or any other resulting liability due to water or fire. If you pack your own items or choose not to pack fragile items like TV's , electronics, glass we will still move them for you but we are not liable for any accidental damage that may occur.
  • As regulated by the State of Colorado, we are not allowed to move any hazardous/flammable materials. These include, and are not restricted to, alcohol, paint and paint thinners, rubbing alcohol, propane tanks, nail polish remover, lighter fluid, fireworks, firearms and ammunition, gasoline, matches, and oxygen tanks. Please do NOT pack these items in boxes, and make sure these items are cleared out prior to the arrival of the movers. This is for the safety of your valuables and the safety of our men.

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